Friday, March 16, 2007


So many people are obsessed with their lives.

But they're gone. I sometimes think about my life, but I know it does me no good. There's no point dwelling on what was. I must focus on what is.

My partner, Mercutio, is one of them, but despite his obsession with Arrabella, he still performs his duties exceptionally well. Most of the Guardians do.

I constantly see dead soldiers, warriors, conquerors, and I wonder why I was chosen and they were not.

Perhaps it is our ability to focus, our resolute determination not to give up. Perhaps that is why I am a Guardian and others who are more skilled in the arts of war are not.


Anonymous said...

Hey, why isn't there a #22?
I realy enjoyed the first part of the manga, can't wait till part 2 is there!!

When I was thinking about making a manga the best subject seemed to be 'What happens after you die?', because the Death Note manga had such a great ending with a beautifull image of afterlife, that can be compared to the image of the Afterlife manga...

But I am realy bad at drawing, so my attempt failed.

This one is realy great though, keep up the great work!


Stormcrow said...

Thanks for the compliment, flofloflo!

Vol. 2 was supposed to be out this April, but was pushed back to early fall because we had to find a new artist to finish it. If you want to see some of the many talented artist submissions, check out my author blog (from which I'm writing), but it also at this link:

As to what happened to #22... I'll have to look into that. Ohhh... I think I know. We learn later that some of the sections are missing. It's in an upcoming entry -- which I need to get back to!

Anonymous said...